Sunday, April 18, 2010

RECIPE - Caipirinha (The Classic Recipe)

In the interests of complying with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (click here to read what the Ministry has to do with a caipirinha recipe), here is the recipe for a classic caipirinha. Be sure to use good-sized, sturdy old-fashioned glassed, and clear, cubed ice. Shaved or crushed ice is a crime, and a blended caipirinha approaches a capital crime, or would if Brazil had capital punishment. Also, this drink is best made one drink at a time, in the glass in which it will be served. There is no such thing as a pitcher of caipirinhas.

RECIPE - Caipirinha (The Classic Recipe)
Makes 1 drink

2 tsp. granulated sugar (may be decreased to as little as 1 tsp. or increased to 3 tsp., to taste)
8 wedges of lime, including skin
2.5 oz. (75 ml) cachaça

Muddle the sugar and the limes in an old-fashioned glass. (You can use the handle end of a wooden spoon if you don't have a muddler. Or you can use a non-porous pestle of any material.)
Fill the glace with fresh, cubed ice.
Pour the cachaça into the glass, stir well.

Finally, do as the Brazilians do - lift your glass to your drinking companions, look everyone who is toasting in the eye, and say "saúde! (It means "health" and it's pronounced sa-OO-gee). Be sure to take a drink after toasting, as placing the glass on the table before sipping is a serious breach of toasting protocol.


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