Sunday, November 22, 2009

On The Road - São Paulo and Brasília

For the next week, until December 01, there won't be any new postings on Flavors of Brazil. I'll be travelling back from Canada to Fortaleza, spending a few days each in  São Paulo and Brasília. Of course, while travelling, I'll be on the lookout for new material for the blog, and will be adding posts about these two cities to Flavors of Brazil when I get to Fortaleza.

I'm looking forward to exploring the exciting culinary scene in São Paulo, and will certainly visit the city's cathedral-like Mercado Municipal, with its magnificent stained-glass windows depicting scenes of Brazilian agriculture and food production. With a population over 20 million, São Paulo is also a vibrant restaurant city, and I'll be sampling as many of these as I can with limited time, budget and endurance.

I know less about Brasília, and my interest in it is less gastronomic than architectural. As a big fan of mid-century modernism in general and of Brazilian architect Oscar Neimeyer in particular, I'm very much looking forward to my fist visit to the capital of Brazil.

See you in a week!