Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amma - Brazil's Prize-winning chocolate

In a recent issue of Brazilian food magazine Prazeres da Mesa, a number of well-known brands of chocolate were subjected to a blind taste-test. Six brands were chosen for the test, and in each case the brand's 70% cacao chocolate bar was subjected to the tasting. The juedges were some of Brazil's most pre-eminent food educators, chefs, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and food journalists.

The result, which apparently surprised even the judges once they had removed their blindfolds, was that a Brazilian chocolate, Amma, was the unanimous first-choice among the six jurors.

Here are the complete results of the test, along with my translation of some of the judges' critiques of each brand.
1. Amma - score 8.1
Produced in Brazil. "Well-rounded flavor, with a sweet aroma and the right proportion of cocoa butter."

2. Casino Bio - score 7.9
Produced in Belgium. "With a nice amount of acidity and light tannins."

3. Lindt - score 6.96
Produced in Switzerland. "Has an agreeable aroma, but is very sweet."

4. Valrhona Guanaja - score 6.95
Produced in France. "Well-rounded, but has a weak aroma which doesn't last long."

5. Nestlé Gold - score 5
Produced in Switzerland. "Rough texture and residual taste of fat."

6. Kopenhagen - score 3.6
Produced in Brazil. "Too much cocoa butter."
The story of Amma chocolate, the winner, is very interesting and will be covered in the next post here on Flavors of Brazil. It is a new joint venture between a fifth-generation chocolate grower from the Brazilian state of Bahia and the American founder of the largest-selling brand of organic chocolate in the USA.

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