Monday, March 7, 2011

RECIPE - Açaí with Coffee (Açaí com Café)

Want to make a high-energy drink even higher-energy? The Brazilian fruit, açaí, which comes from an Amazonian palm tree, was relatively unknown outside Brazil until recently, when its beneficial properties were noticed by nutrition and healthfood experts in North America and Europe and they began to extol its merits.

Normally, açaí is eaten in the form of frozen pulp blended into slushy consistency in a blender and served in a cup or bowl. As healthful and delicious as that is, inventive cooks in Brazil are looking at new ways to serve açaí and new combinations featuring this super-fruit. Consulting chef Elena Relvas recently published her recipe for a hot drink combining açaí and strong espresso coffee - a double-whammy energy boost that some Brazilian wags have taken to calling Healthfood Red Bull.

Frozen açaí pulp is relatively easy to find in healthfood stores these days, and so this drink is an easy one to make at home. Just be sure not to make it less than about 8 hours before you want to go to bed - you'll be counting sheep all night!
RECIPE - Açaí with Coffee (Açaí com Café)
Makes 1 drink

1/3 cup (70 gr) frozen açaí pulp, thawed
2 Tbsp. heavy cream
1-3 tsp. granulated sugar, as desired
1 shot strong espresso coffee
granulated sugar and powdered cinnamon for rimming glass if desired
If rimming glass, combine sugar and cinnamon (about 4 parts to 1) in a small plate or saucer. Dip the rim of serving glass or mug in water, then dip the wet glass in the cinnamon sugar. Allow to dry completely.

In a blender combine the açaí, the cream, the sugar and coffee and blend for about 15 seconds. Carefully open the blender, as hot liquids can splash. Fill the prepared cup with mixture and serve immediately.


  1. I can't wait to try it!
    Your blog is awesome! Thank you for all the recipes and tips about Brazilian food. I really appreciate it being in English because it helps me shop for ingredients in the USA.

  2. Obrigado, Monica! I'm happy that you're finding Flavors of Brazil to be useful, and also hopefully fun to read.