Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Lucky Foods of New Year's

In many cultures, traditional and modern, there are strong links between food and superstition or magic. Some foods bring good luck, others carry bad luck along with them. Some can be used to entrance a lover, or others can send one on his or her way.

This symbolic connection between food and superstition is very strong in Brazil. It is an important part of the rituals of the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé, as it is in the celebrations of the Christian churches. Carnaval has its culinary associations, and so do the important religious holidays like Christmas and Easter.

At the turn of the year, Brazilians associate specific foods with the renewal of the calendar, attempting to include some in the menu for New Years, and avoiding others which might bring bad luck in the year to come. Some of these food traditions are indigenous to Brazil, but many have been brought there by the many immigrant groups that populated this country. For example, many Brazilians include lentils (lentilhas in Portuguese) in a New Year's menu, as even a small amount of this legume will increase one's good luck - this tradition comes to Brazil from Italy, though many Brazilians are unaware of this Italian origin.

The ritual eating of pomegranates (romã in Portuguese) is said to bring money in the year to come. One must eat seven seedlets, without swallowing the seeds themselves. These seeds must be dried and carried in one's wallet throughout the year to ensure that the wallet remains full of money.  The fig (figo in Portuguese) also brings prosperity to those who consume it at New Year's.

Because swine use their snouts to root forward in the soil, eating pork is considered lucky by Brazilians, and supposedly ensures that one's pantry will remain full in the New Year. Turkey and crab are unlucky at this time of year, and should be avoided. 

And finally, champagne livens not only the party at which is it served, but the lives of those who imbibe it at New Year's all year long.


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