Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flavors of Brazil Is Back!

Dear readers of Flavors of Brazil -

I've recently returned to Brazil from a vacation in Italy. Prior to leaving, I wrote a number of articles for posting on Flavors of Brazil, and arranged for one to be posted every day. Unfortunately, for some reason my Google account was "compromised" (according to Google and Blogspot) and so Flavors of Brazil was arbitrarily shut down without notice.

Only upon my return to Fortaleza have I been able to re-establish my Google account and get Flavors of Brazil "back on the air."

If any of you tried to access Flavors of Brazil during the past few weeks and were unable to, please accept my apologies. I know how frustrating it is when a website disappears without a trace. However, there really wasn't anything I could do to ensure a quick reinstatement of this blog while I was traveling.

Please continue to visit Flavors of Brazil. The world of Brazilian cuisine is an enormous one, and there's much, much more that I plan to explore via this blog. In the meantime, in addition to new posts, I will be re-posting all the articles that "appeared" while the blog was closed, so that no one need to try to go back and read three weeks worth of posts at one time.

Thank you. Muito obrigado,

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