Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger/Blogspot's Lost Posts

UPDATE - 7 pm Brazil time. The posts that went missing have now returned! (Though as of now, the comments to those posts haven't.) I guess Google figured out a way to restore them. That's an enormous relief, as I wasn't looking forward to trying to rewrite the pieces. I guess all's not entirely bad on this Friday the 13th.
If readers of Flavors of Brazil are regular visitors of a number of blogs hosted by Google's Blogger/Blogspot no doubt they're already aware that for the past 36 hours or so all Blogger blogs have been down or in read-only mode. Here at Flavors of Brazil we try to post something 6 days a week, but you'll notice that the post below this one is dated Tuesday, May 10.

There were in fact two posts on Flavors of Brazil previous to the crash that were lost when Google went back to an earlier date to reset Blogger. There was a post on Wednesday about the malagueta chili pepper, and one on Thursday with a recipe for homemade malagueta chili conserve. Both were lost, and since haven't been in the practice of backing up the blog daily (we will be now!) they are unretrievable. We'll try to recreate those posts over the weekend and back-date them.

Unfortunately, comments made to those posts were also lost. There was one on the malagueta post from reader Chucky in Malaysia and one on the conserve post from Mistress of Spices. Sorry, you two! It really wasn't our fault though. If you'd care to repost your comments once we've republished the posts, that would be great. If you don't, that's OK too. The comments were read and appreciated before they disappeared.

Starting tomorrow, Flavors of Brazil will get back on track.


  1. Hey James,

    I just wrote a post about Pizzas in Sao Paulo, and thought you might wanna take a look.
    Here is the link in case you do:

    Take care


  2. Hi James, no worries about the lost comments. I was just saying that I've always wondered if Malagueta was as spicy as bird's-eye. I eat the latter on a daily basis as I'm from Malaysia and I'm used to spicy stuff. Since I'll be moving to Fortaleza hopefully by the end of this year to be with my fiance (Carlos C, who posted a comment on one of your recent posts), I guess Malagueta would be perfect to satisfy my cravings for spicy food. I visit your blog a few times weekly to keep learning about Brazilian food and culture, and thanks so much for the recipes and other entries you have posted so far. - Linda, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  3. Thanks Ray for the tip on your piece about Pizza Paulista. Excellent piece. Nice to get a link to the blog as well.

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