Sunday, February 21, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - The Caipirinha Popsicle Arrives

According to a recent article in the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, at a recent food exposition in Madrid famed Spanish chef Fernan Adriá, ownder of El Bulli restaurant, showcased one of his newest culinary creations, the caipirinha popsicle (picolé de caipirinha in Portuguese). The caipirinha, of course, is Brazil's national cocktail, made from cachaça liquor, sugar, lime juice and ice.

In homage to this drink, and using his famous molecular cooking techniques, Adriá recreated the essence of a caipirinha in an inventive hors d'oeuvre. The popsicle is served in a frozen cocktail glass rimmed with crushed ice. The popsicle "sticks", about 1/2 inch thick and 1 1/2 inches long, are made from natural sugar cane and the ingredients of a caipirinha, cachaça, grated lime peel and demerara sugar, are frozen on the stick using liquid nitrogen, a technique invented by Adriá. Finally the popsicles are sprinkled with citric acid crystals, and placed in the frozen glass for serving. Guests are instructed to chew the sugar cane topped with the caipirinha ingredients to get the full flavor experience intended by Adriá.

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