Monday, October 19, 2009

How do you say "Chuck Eye Roast" in Portuguese?

Part of the learning curve involved in cooking in a new country and culture is that the cuts of beef, pork or lamb that you know cannot be translated ino the language of your new home. Animals are butchered differently in different cultures, and so it's impossible to translate many familiar names from one language to another. There is no name in Portuguese for the "chuck eye roast" for instance, as that cut doesn't exist when a Brazilian steer is butchered. Nor is there an English name that correctly translates the steak that is most Brazilians' favorite - picanha, because that steak cannot be found in North American butcher shops and supermarkets.

If I'm cooking from a Brazilian recipe, there is no problem, as the recipe will indicate the proper cut of meat. The difficulty arises when I try to duplicate a favorite dish from North America. For example, what should I use in a beef pot roast or in a London Broil? I don't want to be reduced to pointing out various regions of my body to my local butcher a la Julia Child. Luckily, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Institute - EMBRAPA - has a very detailed guide to cuts of beef on its website. By comparing the charts there to a standard North American chart of beef cuts, you can easily find the nearest Brazilian equivalent to your favourite cut, and can confidently order it in Portuguese at the butcher's or find it in the supermarket meat section


  1. "chuck eye roast" = Olho de Acém or Miolo de Acém. For the "Picanha" = Rump Cap.

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