Friday, October 16, 2009

Mercado dos Pinhões - The Friday Market

This morning, like most Friday mornings, I went "to market" just after breakfast, before the heat of the day becomes oppressive, and while the selection of produce, dairy and meat is still abundant. The market opens around 7 am, and is over before noon. Today I was looking for produce for a dinner party, and for the weekend ahead. It took me only 15 or 20 minutes (and the equivalent of $4.00) to fill my shopping bag. I spent a few more minutes taking photos of the products available, which can be found by clicking "read more..."  I'll be discussing these products in more detail soon on the blog; in this post, I'm more interested in showing the variety and quality available at the market.

(captions for each photo are BELOW the photo)


Cashew Fruit (Portuguese: Caju)

Manioc (Portuguese: Mandioca, Macaxeira, Aipim)

Avocado (Portuguese: Abacate)

 Passion Fruit (Portuguese: Maracujá)

Pineapple (Portuguese: Abacaxi)

Sapodilla (Portuguese: Sapoti)

Pumpkin (Portuguese: Aborbora)

Black-Eyed Peas (Portuguese: FeijãoVerde)

Chicken (Portuguese: Frango)


  1. i really want to say, this post is wounderful, i love all pictures.