Friday, December 31, 2010

On the Road - Maranhão (MASTER POST WITH LINKS)

Flavors of Brazil still has a large amount of material to publish on its recent voyage to São Luís - markets, restaurants, street food, etc. etc. etc. However, in an effort to avoid overkill on the topic, from here on we'll be presenting this material  mixed in with the usual Flavors of Brazil mix of recipes, ingredients and cultural tidbits.

For our readers who want to join Flavors of Brazil in exploring the food culture of the state of Maranhão in depth, we'll keep this posting updated with convenient links to all Maranhão articles, and we'll keep it at the top of the blog until the end of December. That way, everyone will have a quick reference guide to all Maranhão postings, each of which is only one click away.
Part  1 - Introduction
Part  2 - Links to previous Flavors of Brazil articles on Maranhão
Part  3 - The Restaurants known as "bases"
Part  4 - The culture of reggae in Maranhão
Part  5 - Tarioba
Part  6 - Bacuri
Part  7 - Photos
Part  8 - São Luís, The New Orleans of Brazil
Part  9 - Fresh cupuaçu juice
Part 10 - Caldeirada Maranhense
Part 11 - RECIPE-Caldeirada Maranhense
Part 12 - Santo Antonio do Lopes Cachaça
Part 13 - Eating Sawfish (Peixe-Serra)
Part 14 - Last Thoughts