Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the Road - Maranhão (Pt. 14) -Last Thoughts

This will be the last post on Flavor of Brazil's first series of "On the Road" posts. It's been a lot of fun in many ways, and so we hope, and expect that it won't be the last. The actual travelling, of course, is the real joy of this type of voyage of gastronomic discovery. But that's not to say that the pre-trip research and the post-trip preparation of articles for the blog aren't fun as well. Knowing that there will be articles to write for the blog sharpens all of one's senses while travelling, and focuses one's energy upon returning.

We hope that the readers of this blog have enjoyed learning a bit about the fascinating culture and cuisine of São Luís, Maranhão. It would appear that was the case, as the series' articles have received a larger than usual number of visits from our readers. Thank you.

We'll soon begin thinking of our next On the Road adventure, which is scheduled for New Years' week when we'll be visiting Rio de Janeiro to ring in 2011 and to search out interesting places, products and people for Flavors of Brazil.


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